Living in Taiwan



There are various types of accommodation for foreign students studying in Taiwan, regardless of the how long you will be staying with us. The different types of accommodation available include School Dormitories, Hostels, Home-stay Programs, Shared Flats, Single Suites or we can even help you Rent a Place of Your Own.
School Dorm: Allows frequent and free interactions with school-mates; Student-friendly Pricing; Close to Schools
Hostel: Close to the heart of the City; Clean; Spacious; Well-kept Facilities; Ensures flexibility to length of stay
Shared Flat: Makes friends easily; Student-friendly Pricing
Single Suite: Wide range of choices; Flexible pricing; Spacious
Home-stay Programs: By living with a local Taiwanese family, foreign students can gain additional chances to practice their Mandarin-learning through daily communications, and also get to experience the lives of local residents. You will also be opened to tasting the different Taiwanese cuisines with the family as you have the chance to dine with them! They will act as your home and family during your stay, acting as your physical and emotional support in the foreign land of Taiwan.


As a foreign student, the first place at Taiwan you will be arriving at would be the airport. There are two airports in Taiwan: the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, and the Taipei Songshan Airport.
Having arrived at Taiwan, you will get to experience the well-designed transportation system of the country. With the High-Speed Rail built, you can travel from North Taiwan to South Taiwan in less than 3 hours, with stops ever now and then at major cities along the way (such as Taoyuan, Taichung, etc.). That gives you a chance to travel around Taiwan easily during your stay, and experience the different parts of the Formosa with ease.
With the developed transportation system in Taipei, there are a lot of options for commuters such as the Metro system, Buses, and Trains. You can even rent your own U-Bike to cycle around the city! In fact, many of the locals make use of U-Bikes on their daily commute to work. Note that in order to make your transportation journey even easier than it already is with the healthily developed transportation system of Taiwan, you can purchase an EasyCard, a 'touch-and-go' IC ticketing system for the Taipei Metro, bus services, designated car parks, stores and government agencies.


Apart from the time spent on academic studying, a major part of the study-abroad experience is experiencing life of the country you are studying at.
Food is a major issue for most foreign students. But by coming to Taiwan, you need to worry no more! Choices of food at Taiwan range from super-cheap street stalls, to wallet-draining restaurants featuring some of Asia’s best chefs. Some of the Taiwanese snacks in Taiwan have even become known around the world, try it once and you will forever remember its taste! Taiwan is a beautiful country full of tourist spots and cool places to go to during your time off school. From famous historical sites and museums, to amusement parks and shopping malls, you can definitely find the place of your taste. If you manage to befriend at least one of the local Taiwanese school-mates (which I’m sure you will! I should really stop scaring you all off with this), ask them to take you around to one of the local night-markets for a tour around. It will be an exciting experience for you and your friend as you will not only learn more about the traditions and compositions of the snacks from the mouth of a local, your friend will also gain a chance to introduce the Taiwanese culture to foreigners.
Note down the major festivals and celebrations happening throughout the year in Taiwan, so that you can make sure to take part in such traditional celebrations and experience Taiwan to its fullest extent!
If you have any additional enquiries, feel free to contact us to learn more about living as a foreign student in Taiwan!