Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)

To be able to study, work or live in Taiwan, all foreign students from non-native Chinese speaking countries have to take the Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) in order to be admitted by local Universities. There are 6 levels in TOCFL, each level features a number of vocabularies extracted from materials of daily life in a Mandarin-speaking country.
Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)
Band Level Level as Shown Vocabulary Base*
Band A Lv. 1
Lv. 2
Band B Lv. 3
Lv. 4
Band C Lv. 5
Lv. 6

*The Vocabulary Base as suggested in the chart is only a brief indication of the amount of vocabularies needed in order to pass the level of test.

To learn more about TOCFL, contact the Education Division of Taipei Economic Cultural Office at your home country. Or if you wish to take the test here at Taiwan, please refer to:
Tel. +886-2-7734-5638
Fax +886-2-2601-4181
E-mail service@sc-top.org.tw
Website www.sc-top.org.tw
Address 7F, Information and Academic Building, No. 2, Sec. 1, Ren-ai Rd., Lin-kou Dist., New Taipei City 24449, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Most Universities in Taiwan only offer undergraduate/graduate courses taught in Chinese. It is thus important for foreign students to have a certain level of Chinese language abilities before entering such programs, despite the fact that many of them pose a low entry level for Chinese language abilities for foreign students. Even for the English-taught programs, it is inevitable for you to have to communicate with locals on a daily basis during your stay in Taiwan. That is why Taiwan Trans strongly recommend foreign students with no Chinese language abilities to take a language program prior to their University program study. Contact us for more information!