FCU Pre-major Program

Apart from the world-leading schools to be found in the beautiful island of Taiwan, there are many more advantages to studying at Taiwan!

FCU Pre-major Program for International Freshman Students Want to study in Taiwan but speak poor Chinese?
Now Feng Chia University offer a program combining Chinese learning and pre-major courses!

This unique program is designed to equip foreign students with five “Readiness Skills” during their freshman year, focusing on these important aspects of your university experience: Chinese Language, Professional Identity, College Readiness, Local Culture,and Healthy Lifestyle. With the wide range of experiences this program provides, you will be better able to choose your ideal department in your second year. PMP students can choose all departments studying exclude International School of Technology and Management and School of Management Development in Feng Chia university in their second year.

The program offers one-year Chinese general education course, foreign language course, and fundamental professional subject for foreign students. These courses help foster foreign students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability in Chinese and foreign language and enhance their learning ability in their professional subjects in their sophomore year.


Who Should Apply

The program is open to all international students who wish to improve their Mandarin Chinese language skills prior to enrolling in professional courses. Overseas Chinese and students coming to FCU from mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau are currently not eligible for the program.

Enrollment: Limited to 40 students

Tuition: The cost of the program is NTD 57,370 per semester (fall 2016): please refer to the tuition rate announcement for the current academic year.

Important Dates


Most Universities in Taiwan only offer undergraduate/graduate courses taught in Chinese. It is thus important for foreign students to have a certain level of Chinese language abilities before entering such programs, despite the fact that many of them pose a low entry level for Chinese language abilities for foreign students. Contact us for more information!

To learn more about this program, you may also contact the FCU International Students Affair Office:

Tel.:+886-4-2451-7250 ext. 5542

Contact:Ms. Sandy Hsu