Room Search Service

Don’t know where to find a room or an apartment? Is the rent reasonable? We can help you to solve these problems. With years of experience in helping foreign students to search a room during their stay in Taiwan, we are able to find an appropriate place per your request.
Some Facts about Renting in Taiwan

Some Facts about Renting in Taiwan

Generally, landlords request 1-year or above lease. For who will stay in Taiwan for 3~6 months or less, it will be more difficult.
Taipei, as the capital of Taiwan, is highly crowded and the rental is also the highest of Taiwan. For example, to rent a bigger or nicer room with bathroom in Taipei costs 15,000-20,000 NTD per month while it costs 6,000-10,000 in Taichung or Kaohsiung.
Usually, when you sign a lease, you have to pay 2-month deposit and 1-month rent. The deposit will be returned at the time of your leaving (any damage will be deducted).
Why foreigners feel hard to rent places in Taiwan?

Why foreigners feel hard to rent places in Taiwan?

◆ Some landlords are not willing to rent to foreigners.
◆ Some landlords don’t speak English and it is hard for a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese very well, not mention talking on the phone.
◆ Sometimes the pictures on websites not accurately describe the room or the apartment. Sometimes the pictures only show a small part of the wardrobe or the street view, or just are obscure.
◆ Foreigners sometimes cannot quickly contact landlords as local people and miss a good and affordable place.

What we can do for you?

◆ Search places suitable for youWe will look for several places per your requests through local real estate store or directly contact the landlord. (Some landlords prefer to keep a low profile and post at community bulletin, not network.)
◆ Make appointments & view the place Once you choose the places/rooms you like, we will make appointments and view the places/rooms with you.
◆ Residential Area Guide We will guide you to know the surrounding environment of the place (traffic situation, bus/metro stop, restaurants, post office, supermarket, etc.)
◆ Rent Negotiation We will try our best to negotiate the rent discount and the lease period with landlords (We cannot guarantee your request will be accepted)
◆ Lease Support Once you decide to rent the place, we will assist you to sign the lease. (You have to pay deposit, rent and our service charge at this stage)
◆ Payment Support We will help you to fill in the cash remittance note so that you will be able to pay the monthly rent by yourself.

Our Service Charge

Our Service Charge
* If you don’t like the places/rooms that we find for you in 2 days, we will only charge part of the service fee.
* If you purchase our 1-year option, the service requests beyond the expiry date will not be provided (Ex. lease expansion, lease termination, etc.)