Past Cases

If you are unsure of what to expect, take a look at what our students said in the past:
Past Cases-Tanaka, from Japan

Tanaka, from Japan

I first came to Taiwan for a 3-week language course at Tamkang University. Through the experience, I came to develop a genuine interest in pursuing University study at Taiwan. With my lack of Chinese language abilities, I am not confident enough to take up my study at a Mandarin-speaking program. That is why I decided to apply for the Department of Japanese at Tamkang University, knowing that it is widely known to hold Japanese lessons and is easier for Japanese students to be successfully admitted. Nonetheless, it is my goal to embed Chinese-learning within my degree, so that I will become a fluent Chinese speaker by the end of the course.
I chose the combo deal as offered by Taiwan Trans for the reason that I found the team friendly and approachable. That makes the process of application so much easier for me as the whole experience of studying abroad has been way too complicated for me to handle on my own. Knowing that Taiwan Trans has got my back, I no longer feel lost amongst the unknown procedures of the process of settling down in Taiwan because I know that you are all just one phone-call or an email away even if I have the tiniest problem to be solved. Especially for foreign students that are staying at Taiwan for a long period of time, it is definitely beneficial and comforting to know that you have someone to turn to. Having never been one of the brightest students in class, I struggle to find the most suitable program and school that fit my level of knowledge and language skills. There are still many uncertainties for my plan to study abroad at Taiwan, and Taiwan Trans has been extremely helpful in helping me out in all possible way it can. I hope to blend in with the Taiwanese students, and I will surely work hard to achieve such a goal! If I am lucky enough to study at Tamkang University, I plan to devote my spare time to volunteer work regarding environmental protection to help preserve the beautiful environment of Taiwan.
Past Cases- Student S, from Japan

Student S, from Japan

7 years ago when I first travelled to Taiwan, I have come to fall in love with the place for its culture and food. That is why I chose to study Chinese under the teaching of a Taiwanese teacher. However, I came to realize that I can never fully master the language through practicing type-set Mandarin conversations during short period of the lessons, and decided to learn Chinese grammar all over again to one day write up my own Chinese article. That marked the beginning of my study-abroad experience here at Taiwan.
The course I applied for at the Chinese Culture University has long been receiving positive feedbacks online. With the course taught mostly in Mandarin with only a tiny little bit of English, I was enrolled in a class of seven students, and had a lot more chances to speak out and ask questions accordingly with the small-scale of the class.
Apart from the daily listening and writing quizzes and the monthly tests, the course was constructed in a way that helps students focus better and make consistent improvement throughout. I was taught how Chinese grammatical rules work, and gained chances to engage in active conversation with my fellow classmates and teachers on a daily basis.
Apart from my study, living at Taiwan had been one of the major reasons for my coming to Taiwan. That is why I chose to rent a girls-only apartment at Guting for the area’s well-developed transportation system.
It was only after I have moved in the place that I realized how hard it is to strike a short-term (3-month for me) contract for accommodation at the area. It is all thanks to Taiwan Trans that I was able to stay at the place of my preference and really enjoyed my time there. The apartment had an excellent location as there are many nice restaurants and stores nearby, and I was then able to enjoy life at Taiwan to its fullest. The all-rounded support of Taiwan Trans has helped me to simply enjoy life without having to worry about other aspects of life other than my study. Thank you so much, Taiwan Trans!
Past Cases- Student T, from Japan

Student T, from Japan

Having started learning Chinese a few years ago, I have long been longing for a chance to put my Chinese language skills to use. For that, when the language school I attended introduced us to the Home-Stay program offered by Taiwan Trans, I signed up almost instantly in the hope to best improve my Chinese language abilities through communicating and socializing with local Taiwanese people and to enjoy life at a foreign country. That is why I chose to stay at the girls-only rental apartment at Guting for the convenience of the place.
Even though the program lasted only for a short period of a month, my Chinese language abilities were greatly enhanced, and I had a chance to experience the culture and traditions of the beautiful island of Taiwan in person. It has been an amazing and valuable experience for me. I learnt to take the bus, metro to wander around Taipei, and was even brought alongside with the host family to visit families and friends at Taichung and Kaohsiung. They even taught me how to make turnip cakes, and had to make use of the dictionary and notes to introduce me to the historical sites we visited. I grew close with the host family for their hospitality and openness. All of which are moments I will treasure and remember for life.
It is all thanks to the host family and the friendliness of the Taiwanese people that I was able to enjoy my stay here. Despite arriving at perhaps one of the busiest time during the year, the family welcomed and took care of me warmly. I am confident to say that my Chinese language abilities were greatly strengthened, thus fulfilling my initial goal for studying at Taiwan in the first place. But at the same time, I have set myself another goal: to speak even better and fluent Mandarin without the use of a dictionary when I next meet up with the host family. Thank you so much for bringing me such a fantastic experience.
Past Cases-Student S, from Tokyo

Student S, from Tokyo

Despite only lasting a short period of time of a week, I found the Home-Stay program fulfilling. All of the members of Taiwan Trans and the host family were really nice and friendly, and introduced me to the different tourist attractions throughout North Taiwan (such as Hsinchu, Shihmen, Jinshan and Keelung). The family even treated me to a seafood cuisine at Keelung, which I am so grateful for and cannot say Thank-you enough for their kindness. They even introduced me to the different snacks when we were walking along the kiosks and stalls, and helped me plan for my schedule for the next day. They taught me how to take the bus, taxi and metro so that I was able to visit tourist attractions at Taipei like the National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Yuanshan on my own the day after my arrival.
It is all thanks to the host family that I was able to adapt to life at Taiwan so quickly. Thank you for being so nice to me even though I could barely speak any Chinese. And thank you to Taiwan Trans for introducing me to such an amazing host family.
Past Cases-Nishikawa, from Japan

Nishikawa, from Japan

I have long been intrigued in the culture, politics and history of Taiwan, and came across the Home-Stay program of Taiwan Trans during my research for a in-depth tour into the beautiful island of Taiwan. For I cannot speak Chinese at all, I was worried about how I am to communicate and live with local Taiwanese people before my departure, not to mention the problem of cultural differences. It turned out my worries were completely pointless, and my travel came to an end much faster than I anticipated!
I found out that my host-mum and I share a common passion for cooking, and spent a great deal of time learning to cook the cuisine of the Taiwanese and Japanese culture from each other. We grew close for the experience. The family even took me on a picnic around the outskirts of the city to show me around, and introduce me to the aboriginal cultures of Taiwan, thus fulfilling my initial goal for coming to Taiwan. I treasure every moment of my stay at Taiwan. Thank you, Taiwan Trans, for bringing me such an amazing experience.
Thank you for all of your precious feedbacks!
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