Apart from the world-leading schools to be found in the beautiful island of Taiwan, there are many more advantages to studying at Taiwan!

Growing Importance of the Chinese Language

With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, and the fact that China is now the largest country in the world in terms of population of the nation, the Chinese language is gradually catching up to, if not overtaking, the leading role the English language plays in the world. In fact, Mandarin Chinese is also widely spoken in many countries outside of China and Taiwan R.O.C., examples of which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, and many more.

With over 500 years of history, the Chinese culture is also one of the oldest and richest existing culture to be found in the world. And what better way to learn about the culture by starting from the language it uses? With the close interrelations between the Chinese culture and the Chinese language, you will be opened to the rich heritage of Chinese literatures, styles of scripts, poetry, while also being exposed to the different aspects of the Chinese culture such as politics, and history.

Traditional Chinese VS Simplified Chinese

The Chinese language exists in many different forms, and dialects can be found in the different parts of the Chinese-speaking countries. In spite of the existence of the different dialects, there is a major separation within the set of Chinese characters – Traditional Chinese characters and Simplified Chinese characters.

Traditional Chinese characters have long been used in historical records in ancient China, and are what the Simplified characters are based from. Nonetheless, the simplification of a language remains controversial as many believe that the cultural identity and political implications within the set of Traditional Chinese characters cannot be simplified into the set of Simplified Chinese characters, while others insist upon the need for a new, and easy-to-use set of Chinese characters.

Different from mainland China, the official script of Taiwan is Traditional Chinese characters. If you want to study the original type-set of the Chinese characters, look no further because Taiwan not only is the home to the largest population using the Traditional Chinese characters, but also uses the Zhuyin Phonetic Symbols that are made up of the composition of Traditional Chinese characters.

Learning Chinese at a Mandarin-Speaking Country

By studying at a Chinese-speaking country, foreign students can be exposed to the language on a daily basis, thus maximizing the amount of practice they get in actually using the language to survive. It would be much more efficient than simply signing up for a Chinese-language course at your home country. Whether you are staying at Taiwan for an exchange program, or for a Chinese-language program, it is guaranteed that your Chinese language skills would be much sharpened for your time spent at Taiwan.

Different from the case in mainland China, the population of the island of Taiwan is fairly concentrated with the majority of which being Mandarin speakers. So you need not to worry about meeting people that speaks a completely foreign dialect even in the most remote areas during your stay at the beautiful Formosa. That also gives you even more chances to practice your Chinese speaking and reading!

Language Exchange

A great study destination for foreign students, Taiwan welcomes a large amount of foreign students for a variety of the different programs available throughout the year. Here at Taiwan Trans, we offer our student clients the option of joining a Language

Exchange Program in hope to better broaden their horizons during their stays.

By signing up, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and be automatically enrolled in our database to be matched with another person. The person you will be matched with would be interested in your mother-tongue and/or the culture of your home country, while he/she would have something in exchange that you would be interested in according to your choices. It is a free-or-charge program, with the sole purpose to promote inter-cultural communication.

We understand that as a foreigner, it is not easy for you to be in contact with locals outside of school and home (that is, if you are living with somebody else!). The Language Exchange Program would also be a great chance for you to make new friends of the different cultural backgrounds easily! All of the students in our database are verified, guaranteeing your safety and interest within this good-natured program.

*Note that this program is only available for students that are staying at Taiwan for more than one-month’s time.

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